Le Bear James

King Saladeen

Numbered | Signed
32 x 26 inches
(approx 3.5 inch frame & border)
Ref code: KS21003




Since the age of 5 Saladeen’s passion for the arts has been a consistent part of his life, with the young budding artist drawing on whatever he could get his hands on from paper to walls. Having been raised in a tough urban environment where artistic outlets were few and far between, Saladeen instead turned his attention to basketball where he shined and became a force to be reckoned with while a high school athlete. His efforts brought him to numerous places across the country where his eyes were opened to the landscapes, shapes and colors that were vastly different than what the kid from Philly saw in his typical day to day. These opportunities allowed him to daydream on a greater scale and be influenced and inspired in a way that has stuck with him to this very day.

In 2011 Saldeen launched the Saladeen Art Group where he then started his journey into the art world. The venture was a bonafide success and provided validation that the pursuit of an artistic based career was the right path for Saladeen. Sadly, his greatest inspiration, JP – the man who motivated him to push forward and achieve that which he deserved, passed away after a battle with brain cancer. His death had a major impact on Saladeen’s life and is reflective to this day within the art that he creates.

And thus it began; after his first solo show in Hollywood, CA and Miami, FL in 2014, Saladeen began presenting his art work in cities all over the country in some of the hippest and cutting edge venues available. With a huge buzz that resonated throughout the art community, King Saladeen was born and since then he has been a part of various major art based activations including being a featured Revolt TV artist with Foot-Action during Art Basel (2015), a Warhol collaboration with Karen Bystedt (2016), the Alec Monopoly mural collaboration (2016), a solo show at Eden Fine Art Soho Gallery (2017) and a host of luxury automotive commissions such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veryon Pur Blanc and the Rolls Royce Ghost EWB for the Goldrush Rally. With such accomplishments under his belt, Saladeen continues to meld the art world with cars, fashion and music with every opportunity that he has. And most recently in 2017 he created and curated the Neiman Marcus holiday windows.